Your Commitment

By committing to just 100 wheels – that’s 25 sets of 4 wheels – we will commit to you!

Our Commitment

  • Direct and custom fit for vehicle specifications – no hub rings, flush fit, no vibrations, no problems
  • Branded with your logo in the center cap, on the boxes, or even on the wheel itself
  • Top quality product with 100% of product quality inspected and tested – for no product returns
  • High margins
  • Low hassle – right down to triple protected packaging to eliminate shipping damage
  • Cutting edge technology – for the lowest weight and highest performance on a budget cost!
  • Insured for liability
  • Flexibility in finishing – unfinished, polished, painted, machined, chrome, etc.
  • Flexibility in manufacturing – gravity cast, low pressure cast, flow formed, forged
  • Delivered right to your door from a American owned design and import business